Super Time!

A new version has been submitted!

I'm super excited about this latest build as it feels nearly feature complete in regards to core gameplay elements. Among the list of new and and improved things are, more visual pizzazz to really push the look and appeal of the game, a variety of super attacks for both characters, a new super meter that is built by striking enemies with attacks, overall tweaks and incremental improvements to controls as well as more bug fixes.

At this point I feel like things have really been nailed down as far as the 'ten seconds of fun' is concerned. Now it's time to move on to the next phase of development - perhaps a less fun one but nonetheless, very important. I'm going to need to seek some kind of funding to keep this project going. While I loved the idea of being fully independent dev, the truth is, independence is an illusion that has never existed. There are a slew of options ahead of me including everything from crowdfunding to publisher support but I'm going to have to study, consider, and weigh them all carefully before I can decided the next action, as well as my backup plan, and backup backup plan, and backup-back backup plan.

I'll still continue to make incremental changes to the systems and add additional UX and quality-of-life elements, and as well I'd like to actually get some real production going as far as new enemy types, levels, and props are concerned. But all of that will have to be in the background while I search for a way to keep things going. Wish me luck!


Wake of Poseidon - Windows 178 MB
Sep 19, 2018

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