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linux support ?

This is so cool! Loveee it!

Actually beat the Travesty difficulty~

I'm glad you liked it! And great job beating it with that difficulty - especially since it's only been implemented as a proof-of-concept and hasn't actually been balanced or designed properly in any way.

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Haha yeah the machine gun is pretty useless (mostly felt like a debuff when mistakenly picked up) in that difficulty. However the game itself is awesome!

Taking a look at the updated alpha! You really patched up a lot of the issues I saw last time! most of my suggestions this time around are a lot less severe and more a matter of personal taste, so take them however you want!

This was one hell of a lot of fun, but what I don't really understand why there was a limitation up the up and down firing. Really love the visuals and the action itself but I gave quite a bit of feedback in the video! Really well done!

Hey! Thanks for the feedback and the video! It's really helping me a lot to study this. If you're up to it I wouldn't mind picking your brain a little more at some point. 

Also, I feel I should mention that the target lock feature was something that effectively allowed you to 'strafe' by holding your left/right direction while moving around but I ended up disabling it (although the input still appears in the menu as you saw).